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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earning Back Marketshare Using Variety as a Competitive Weapon

Variety Based Competition

Another area which would help win back some of the market share lost by our automakers is the use of variety as a competitive tool. Car buyers, today, differ by locale and even by individual in what they want in a vehicle. They may even be willing to pay a premium for a vehicle customized to their individual tastes.

It has been a trend among American automobile manufacturers to SIMPLIFY their product offerings in order to reduce the costs of complexity.

However, their are two elements of complexity and it's like cholesterol: there is GOOD complexity and it is called "Customer / Market Driven Variety" and then there is BAD complexity. If your simplification efforts cut both Good and Bad comlexity, alike, then you are probably cutting revenue and earnings opportunity and yielding marketshare to your competitors.

A Delloitte study has shown that companies which MASTER COMPLEXITY are 73% more profitable than their peers whereas "simplifiers" are only 19% more profitable than their peers.

Why is this? Because those whom Master complexity can hold the line on or increase price. A Harvard study at Allied Signal shows that a 1% change in price produces an 11.1 % change in earnings whereas reductions in either direct or indirect expense have far less effect on earnings.

So our auto companies can do one very important thing. If they bring technology to bear on Simplifying Bad Complexity and Mastering Good Complexity, they can both increase marketshare AND increase earnings and margins.

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